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Summary of FCFA’s research on climate change in Botswana

FCFA’s work in Botswana took place in the capital city, Gaborone. It was carried out by FRACTAL and was led by the University of Botswana. FRACTAL aims to explore the decision-making process in southern African cities, to support how cities respond to the risks associated with the effects of climate change and the pressures of rapid social, economic and environmental change.  

  • Less engagement occurred in Gaborone than other FRACTAL cities. Research was primarily focused on the transferability of relevant climate knowledge.

  • Local researchers developed Climate Risk Narratives in a 2017 workshop where the possible impacts of climate change in Botswana provided by the FRACTAL team informed the researchers’ vision for the future of Gaborone.
  • Surveys allowed the local team to present the Climate Risk Narratives to various decision-makers and get their feedback and reflections.
  • A second workshop in 2018 shared feedback and designed cross-city outputs for Gaborone, Harare, and Blantyre.
  • Gaborone’s city-specific plan was further developed through learning exchanges with Windhoek, where city planners were given the opportunity to gain insight into the development of Windhoek’s Integrated Climate Change Strategy Action Plan during Windhoek’s third Learning Lab in 2018.
  • During FCFA’s extension phase, FRACTAL will aim to facilitate policy forums in Gaborone where stakeholders will examine climate vulnerabilities in the city and consider how planning and budget can contribute to the Gaborone City Council meeting their climate scenario goals.
  • The extension phase will also aim to create mechanisms for relevant information from the Meteorological Department to be accessed by the City.
  • FRACTAL’s work contributed to stimulating the city’s awareness around climate change in Botswana. One of the positive outcomes included the city manager brainstorming a city-specific climate change action plan.
  • The creation of links between the City’s Planning Department and Meteorological Department during a four-day Climate Scenario and Action Plan workshop.

  • A different approach to develop climate risk narratives is being trialled in Blantyre, Gaborone and Harare: researchers and stakeholders from these cities initially developed a set of narratives of the cities’ socio-economic future, into which researchers integrated climate information.