Press release: Water resources model shows how climate change poses risks to future water availability in Malawi

The UMFULA (Uncertainty Reduction in Models for Understanding Development Applications) research group, that is part of the programme Future Climate for Africa, have been investigating how future climate change will affect water resources in Malawi. The UMFULA research team has developed a water resources model to project future water availability in Malawi under a changing climate. The findings focus on potential future changes in Lake Malawi water levels and subsequent flows in the Shire River basin. Results indicate a range of potential futures, which illustrates the important role that adaptive decision-making approaches that are robust to uncertainty can play in supporting improved water management and infrastructure development in Malawi. This tool is being shared with decision makers across various sectors, including water resources, hydropower, agriculture, and environment. There is potential for this tool to then be used by planners and decision-makers in Malawi to derive useful insights about the range of possible hydrological futures that will enable them to take decisions that are more robust in the face of uncertain future changes.