Report of stakeholders workshop – Senegal

Organised by Senegalese Institute for Agricultural Research (ISRA), the workshop “Expect extreme, adapt practices, manage risk and control the impacts of climate change on the Senegalese Agriculture by 2050” invited participants to discuss and elaborate on emerging debates on preventing the effects of climate change, food security and sustainable development in Africa. The workshop participants were members from civil society, the main farmers’ organizations,and the public sector in Senegal as well as a consortia of participants from the CaSA project (Carbon Soils for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa) and AMMA-2050.

Four themes were addressed in the meeting, namely; the issues of  sustainable land management and carbon sequestration for adaptation and mitigation to climate change up to 2050; crop improvement and genetic resources conservation in anticipation of climate change; practices and adaptation strategies for resilient agriculture to climate change up to 2050; and the perception of uncertainty in the forecasts and climate scenarios for taking medium and long-term decisions in anticipation of climate change up to 2050.