Press release: Met Office leads ground-breaking research collaboration on modelling African climate, showing enhanced future changes in wet and dry extremes

A 4-year investment into one of the most ambitious research collaborations to date that focuses on African climate has delivered far-reaching results to advance international climate science. The international collaboration, led by the Met Office, the UK’s national meteorological service, has developed the first pan-African convective-permitting regional climate model, known as CP4-Africa. CP4-Africa provides improvement in the simulation of convective storms, which provide most African rainfall, with consequent impacts on regional circulations, weather and climate change. These simulations show future changes in extreme weather are likely greater than those predicted by past models. They also provide the international weather and climate change science community with a new tool to improve our understanding of how climate change and extreme weather events will affect the African continent, and in turn, will support policy makers and planners to respond better to climate risks.