Inspiring Climate Action in African Cities: Practical options for resilient pathways

This working paper is inspired by the two Adaptation Inspiration Books developed by European Commission projects: ‘Adaptation Inspiration Book: 22 Implemented cases of local climate change adaptation to European citizens -Climate Impact Research and Response Coordination for a Larger Europe (CIRCLE 2)’ (Pijnappels and Dietl, 2013); and ‘BASE adaptation inspiration book: 23 European cases of climate change adaptation to inspire European decision-makers, practitioners and citizens’ (Ng, Campos, and Penha-Lopes, 2016). Both books were coordinated by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. Both books have a European focus. The aim of this working paper is to inspire decision-makers and practitioners from cities of the Global South, in particular African cities, with practical ideas and options for climate-resilient pathways at the city-region scale. This working paper is the result of a compilation of 17 diverse case studies that span administrative levels, geographic scales, sectors and disciplines. It showcases adaptation approaches, experiences and actions that address changing climate effects in growing African cities and peri-urban areas. The projects presented here deal with diverse challenges, spanning climatic risks such as droughts and flooding, and other stressors, such as internal conflicts and management of waste. Encompassing community-based adaptation, partnership-building and infrastructure solutions, each project has created its own inspiring and unique adaptation approach. The examples also provide linkages to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and, wherever possible, information about how the goals are addressed in each case study.