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FONERWA Climate risk screening tool


Rwanda’s Green Fund, FONERWA, is at the forefront of investing in agricultural projects and continues to address climate change issues through adaptation and mitigation projects. In order to ensure that investments have a long legacy and are appropriately aligned with Rwanda’s green growth and climate resilience strategy, climate information needs to be integrated into project development and implementation.
This Climate Risk Screening Tool was designed by SouthSouthNorth for FONERWA staff, expert reviewers and project developers to identify areas where climate risks and risk mitigation measures need to receive more attention within proposals. FONERWA staff and expert reviewers use the tool during the project appraisal processes to flag areas of potential climate risk. It provides reviewers with standardized feedback to project developers for consideration of climate risks. Project developers in the agriculture sector can use the tool during the FONERWA design phase as an information resource and reference document to build the justification for their proposals as climate-smart proposals, with improved value for money. In this regard, the tool provides examples of risks, impacts and solutions that can be interrogated and incorporated into the project design. The tool also presents a clear and transparent account for project developers on how FONERWA reviewers will be screening their proposals for climate risks. More generally, the tool can provide the basis for understanding the logic behind climate impacts and risks, which could then be applied to other agriculture contexts (i.e. for crops not mentioned in the tool) and other sectors.