FCFA Research Consortium Summary – UMFULA

This brief provides a summary of the UMFULA research consortium which carried out research on climate change in southern and eastern Africa as part of the FCFA programme. UMFULA aimed to improve climate information for medium-term (5-40 year) decision-making in the water-energy-food nexus in central and southern Africa, with a particular focus on Tanzania and Malawi. The team  generated new insights and more reliable information about climate processes and extreme weather events and their impacts on water, energy and agriculture for the region.  UMFULA was an interdisciplinary  global consortium of 14 institutions (8 of which are based in Africa) specialising in cutting-edge climate science, impact modelling and socio-economic research.

In-country engagement was led in Malawi by Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Malawi University of Science and Technology, and in Tanzania by Sokoine University of Agriculture. Collaborations with key government agencies in Malawi and Tanzania were part of the co-production approach to design climate information relevant for decision-making.