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FCFA Research Consortium Summary – HyCRISTAL


This brief provides a summary of the HyCRISTAL research consortium which carried out research on climate change in east Africa as part of the FCFA programme. 

HyCRISTAL aimed to develop new understanding of East African climate change and variability and work with regional decision-makers to support effective long-term (5 to 40 year) decision-making in the face of a changing climate. In collaboration with a range of stakeholders, and formally supported by the East African Community, HyCRISTAL is co-developing climate change adaptation options that meet the region’s societal needs in both urban and rural areas. This is through a series of pilot projects covering: urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), rural livelihoods, water management and  tea production. It is also contributing to the HyTPP project on transport and Lake Victoria water levels.

By developing climate science and helping users assess their vulnerabilities, HyCRISTAL aimed to increase the resilience of communities in East Africa. HyCRISTAL is working with policy makers to quantify risks and is providing new, accessible, and easy-to-use climate information tools that can be applied to the decision-making process.