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Climate Risk Narratives: An iterative reflective process for co-producing and integrating climate knowledge



We introduce the concept of Climate Risk Narratives (CRNs), their origin, and their evolution through a trans-disciplinary engaged research activity around urban climate resilience. While the use of narratives as a communication and engagement device is well established and similar concepts such as scenarios and storylines exist, we describe the learning and value that this specific formulation of narratives has brought to an in-depth engagement process. In particular, we describe and explore how different types of uncertainty can be represented, how narratives can be co-produced, the value they bring to integration and interrogation of relevant knowledge, and the emerging role of narratives as trans-disciplinary engagement devices or boundary objects. The value of CRNs in producing climate knowledge and integrating it into decision-making is demonstrated through case study examples. Principles for developing CRNs and good practice in their use are proposed before mapping out future directions for research and practice.

Access the full paper on the Science Direct site here.