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Brief: Climate Change and It’s Impacts in Burkina Faso


THE CLIMATE OF THE PLANET IS CHANGING, as is evident from steady increases in global temperatures and sea levels over the last 100 years. Scientists are clear that these changes are due to man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning. In spite of efforts by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), emissions have continued to rise. How much the world will warm in the future is strongly related to how rapidly the global economy can decarbonise.

In this policy brief, we set out how the climate of the Sahel has changed in recent decades, what future changes are expected, and some implications of these changes for agriculture and flooding. There are many uncertainties when considering future impacts of global warming within a specific region. Here we present the range of plausible futures so that this uncertainty can be taken into account by decision-makers.