Working paper: An Embedded Researcher approach to integrate climate information into decision making in southern African cities: lessons from FRACTAL

Lulu Pretorius; Anna Taylor; Kornelia N Iipinge; Brenda Mwalukanga; Hecrálito Mucavele; Rudo Mamombe; Sandra Zenda; Alice McClure

There is often a disconnection or gap between scientific knowledge and the implementation of actions aimed at addressing related problems. This gap is especially evident in fields with complex interactions between a multitude of factors and actors, such as sustainability…

Brief: Zambia’s adaptation to climate change

Ali Romdhani, Monica Coll Besa, Dianne Scott, and Sukaina Bharwani

This brief explores how certain ideas and framing potentially shape state action in Zambia. The analysis is based on a review of five key policy documents from Zambian institutions, with a special focus on Lusaka, the nation’s capital. The brief…

Projected impacts of climate extremes over selected African coastal cities under 1.5̊C and 2.0̊C Global Warming

Indasi V S, Nikulin G, Lennard C, Hewitson B, Jack C and Waagsaether K.

Research paper contribution to the Cities IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, 5-7th March 2018, Edmonton, Canada.

Transdisciplinarity, co-production and co-exploration: integrating knowledge across science, policy and practice in FRACTAL

The aim of this briefing paper is to summarise the three concepts and approaches of transdisciplinarity, knowledge co-production, and co-exploration and how they are being operationalised in FRACTAL. This is a summary of the associated FRACTAL working paper, which should…

Spilling the beans: A game exploring resilience

Jessica Lee, Anna Steynor, Katinka Waagsaether and Bettina Koelle

Spilling the beans is a game that explores the term resilience as it relates to climate change. Through this interactive activity, players come to understand two contrasting interpretations of the same term. This tool is an output of the Small…

The wheel of context: A tool for unpacking contextual differences in climate change terminology

Lee, J, Steynor, A, Davison, A, Waagsaether, K and McClure, A

This is a tool that helps unpack multiple meanings of the same term. Any term can be explored. It is to be used in a multi-disciplinary setting allowing participants from various backgrounds to understand how climate-related terminology is applied in…

Scientific capacity development in climate change related disciplines: Analysis of barriers, opportunities and good practice in Africa

Leigh Cobban, Mark New, Michael Baudoin, Anna Steynor, Katinka Waagsaether, Chris Jack, Julius Kamau, Sarah Correy, Robert Ochieng, Heila Lotz-Sisiska, Cherie Forbes, Jean-Pierre Roux, Jon Padgham, Katie Dietrich, Sarah Schweizer, Abby Gwaltney

This study investigated the needs and experiences of African researchers working in climate change-related disciplines. It focused largely on early career researchers based at African institutions (largely universities and national and regional research institutions) who have received support from international…

Climate resilient decision-making: A city-centric approach to water security

Ilunga, R, Cullis, J, Dadson, S, Hirpa, F and Bharwani, S.

Research paper contribution to 18th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium, 25-27th October 2017, Swakopmund, Namibia.