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Pilot Study

Kisumu, Kenya

Climate Impacts on Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Systems

This pilot is centred on understanding the impacts of long-term climate change on urban water, sanitation and hygiene systems. It focuses particularly on the complex situations found in informal settlements in and or around the urban centres of Kisumu and Kampala.

With our partners – through workshops and face-to-face meetings have worked with them both to understand their areas of expertise and collaboratively explore the current linkages between weather and services, and the likely long-term impacts of changes in the climate in their sphere of operation. This work has enabled us to identify and formalize and analysis of how a typical ‘WASH’ remit overlaps with other city systems and how these can best be linked at planning, design and delivery, to ensure positive future health outcomes (public health being the main objective of WASH service delivery).



Project Timeline
1 Jun 15 - 31 Mar 21
Project Contact
Dr. Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez