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Pilot Study

Lusaka, Zambia

In Lusaka, FRACTAL partners are working with decision-makers, practitioners, and researchers to jointly frame climate-related challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

During the learning labs, policy briefs have been co-produced for four themes related to water in Lusaka and climate change. These issues have also been explored with practitioners in cities through ‘mess mapping’ activities. Aurecon has led a Water Evaluation And Planning System (WEAP) modelling process for the Kafue River Basin to contribute knowledge related to the effects of climate change on Lusaka. Data for these analyses were collected through learning labs in Lusaka. As a result of the city learning processes, a media training for journalists on issues related to climate change in Lusaka was also implemented by the Lusaka Water Security Initiative LuWSI (with which FRACTAL has a collaboration agreement) and FRACTAL. Climate risk narratives are continuously used to steer these learning labs.

Social events have been included as a very important activity in all the Lusaka learning lab programmes, which has supported a relaxed, trusting environment for decision makers and researchers. At the third learning lab, informal working stations were set up during a social event in the evening. The various activities related to Lusaka were demonstrated for those interested and questions could be asked by any learning lab participants.

You can read more about the process in Lusaka on the FRACTAL website, here.



Project Timeline
1 Jul 15 - 31 Mar 21
Project Contact
Alice McClure
Project Manager