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Pilot Study

Maputo, Mozambique

During the first city learning lab event in Maputo, issues related to water and health were highlighted as being of main concern. Based on this finding, Eduardo Mondlane University co-designed a transdisciplinary project to access resources from the FRACTAL Small Opportunity Grants (SOG) fund to establish an improved early-warning tool for climate-induced vector-borne and water-borne diseases within the Maputo City Municipality. This project is currently underway.

Since this event, Maputo has experienced severe floods as well as water shortages; the issue of water management under a changing climate has, therefore, become very important in the FRACTAL city learning space. A water-focussed dialogue was held with decision makers in Maputo, during which the “three horizons” process was implemented to develop visions for the water sector in Maputo in the year 2020 from a socio-economic perspective. Climate information will now be weaved into these visions, after which they will be presented back to the broader city learning team which includes local decision-makers, academics, civil society groups etc.

You can read more about the process in Maputo on the FRACTAL website, here.



Project Timeline
1 Jul 15 - 31 Mar 21
Project Contact
Alice McClure
Project Manager