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Watch the webinar: Understanding Capacity needs of African National Meteorological and Hydrological Agencies




April 10, 2018


Delivering climate information requires access to reliable climate and weather data, but the collection and processing of hydro-meteorological data is significantly underfunded in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). National meteorological and hydrological agencies (NMHAs) have the mandate to observe, forecast and issue warnings for pending weather and climate threats. Currently there is a great opportunity to ensure that NMHAs have appropriate capacities, governance framework and financial infrastructure to deliver on this mandate, but to do this effectively, accurate identification of, and investments in, capacity gaps are key. This webinar drew together panelists from the World Meteorological Organization, AGRHYMET Regional Centre, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, and the Rwanda Meteorology Agency to discuss the above questions. This webinar was held on 02 May 2018 with a recording below. Speakers and Presentation slides
  • Dr Veronica Grasso (World Meteorological Organization)
    • Presentation: Checklist for Climate Services Implementation – Download here
  • Dr Tufa Dinku (International Research Institute for Climate and Society)
    • Presentation: An Overview of Metrics to Identify Capacity Gaps for NMHS – Download here
  • Damien Hauswirth (on behalf of Dr Seydou Traore (AGRHYMET Regional Centre))
    • Presentation: Capacities of 4 National Meteorological Services in Africa to Provide Climate Information Services – Download here
  • Mr Floribert Vuguziga (Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda))
    • Presentation: Understanding Capacity needs of African National Meteorological and Hydrological Agencies – Download here
The full record of submitted Q&A can be found here.