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WISER webinar recording: Lessons in Co-Production of Climate Services from African Case Studies




June 14, 2019


The WISER programme hosted its first public webinar, which focused on sharing learning on how to co-produce climate services in Africa.

The webinar provided a glimpse of some of the initial findings from over 15 case studies, drawn from the on-going development of a climate services Co-production Manual. The manual is a joint product of the WISER and Future Climate for Africa programmes. In this webinar, an introduction to building blocks and principles of co-production of climate services was given. This was followed by presentations from selected WISER and FCFA case studies.

Watch this webinar here:


  • Anna Steynor – Climate System Analysis Group (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA FRACTAL)
  • Katharine Vincent – KULIMA Integrated Development Solutions (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA UMFULA)
  • Emma Visman – VNG Consulting Ltd and King’s College London (WISER TRANSFORM and FCFA AMMA-2050)
  • Katinka Lund Waagsaether – Climate System Analysis Group (WISER TRANSFORM AND FCFA FRACTAL)
  • Joseph Mutemi – IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (WISER W2SIP)
  • Tufa Dinku – International Research Institute for Climate and Society (WISER TRANSFORM)


Suzanne Carter – SouthSouthNorth (WISER TRANSFORM)   The webinar presentation is available for download here. The list webinar Q&A’s is available for download here.