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FCFA Scoping Phase




October 5, 2014


A scoping phase is currently underway in which four case studies will evaluate the uptake of long-term climate information in decision-making in Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Accra/Maputo. The studies are focusing on understanding the broader socio-political and institutional contexts within which development decisions take place; exploring the underlying science-decision making interface, and understanding the role that climate science plays in informing development decisions in-country; specifying sector and decision-specific challenges; and identifying opportunities to improve the uptake of science for medium- to long-term decision-making. Work under the scoping phase is set for completion in November 2014 with a synthesis report documenting learning across the four case studies. FCFA will be presenting preliminary learning at the Climate Change and Development in Africa conference in Marrakech in October. For more information and outputs visit the scoping phase project page.