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Newsletter – March 2019




March 5, 2019


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Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

News in Brief

Southern African cities and climate change researchers enjoy stimulating exchange at FRACTAL meeting

In February, team members of FRACTAL met in Cape Town to discuss the programme’s work to date, its impact and its future. Highlights include advances in climate science over the region, learning from the nine Southern African cities partnered with FRACTAL, and experiences from the network of embedded researchers within these cities. Read more here.

Final meeting showcases UMFULA’s compelling research over Central and Southern Africa, and in Malawi and Tanzania

The UMFULA team met in Tanzania in November 2018 to discuss and reflect upon the successes, learnings, and the final outputs of the project. UMFULA have made a number of significant improvements to the existing body of literature with over 10 papers published in 2018. Amongst many critical research areas, their work brings significant new understanding about the role of the Angola Low, cloud bands, tropical convection and topography, they made significant strides towards improved climate model evaluation over Africa and they have identified why some of the climate models produce too much rainfall over Southern Africa. Read more on their final meeting, research and future outputs here.

Increase in frequency of mega-storms in the Sahel

The Nature paper on the increase of mega-storms in the Sahel by AMMA-2050 researchers provides new insight into how some of the most powerful storms on the planet are on the rise due to rising temperatures. This has been covered in the British popular press through an article in the Telegraph. Read more here.

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