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Newsletter – July 2017




July 24, 2017


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Welcome to the July 2017 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

News in Brief

Welcome to the July 2017 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter.
To date Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) has made substantial progress in delivering world-leading research and piloting novel climate services with policy makers across the African continent. This includes the first-ever simulations of the African climate with a high-resolution convection-permitting climate model (CP4-Africa) which demonstrates radical improvements in skill and promises a significant contribution to decision-relevant, robust climate information products and tools.This edition of the FCFA newsletter includes brief summaries of research progress and events over the past 6 months, including links to full academic and news articles for further reading. It also includes links to FCFA webinars and publications aimed at non-academic audiences. Content of the July newsletter:
  • New research funded by FCFA
    • Kenya and Malawi: Climate information for resilient tea
    • Applying cognitive psychology to communicating uncertain climate information
  • Updates: research and pilot studies across African
    • Engaging partners and community leaders in Senegal and Burkina Faso (AMMA-2050)
    • Producing the first ever convection-permitting model simulations for Africa (IMPALA)
    • Understanding East African climate and impacts (HyCRISTAL)
    • Progress on co-production of climate information in Tanzania and Malawi (UMFULA)
    • City Learning Labs completed in Lusaka, Windhoek and Maputo (FRACTAL)
  • Recent FCFA publications
  • FCFA webinars and blogs
    • Navigating climate information sources for African decision-making
    • An introduction to central and southern Africa’s climate
    • Integrating climate information into green growth finance in Rwanda
Should you have any questions on FCFA work we invite you to get in touch with the coordinator of the research consortium working in your region or country, or FCFA’s coordination unit, via our website:

The FCFA newsletter list has grown substantially in 2017. If this is the first edition you’re receiving or you’re still not quite sure what FCFA’s objectives are or how the programme of work is structured, we invite you to watch our 2-minute introductory video and page through our brochure in EnglishFrench or Portuguese.