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Long-term information in a short-term world




July 26, 2016


What if local African agendas and international donor agendas don’t align? The rationale for investing in better understanding future climate is that there are cases where not accounting for a changing climate today may lead to greater and irreversible costs or risks down the line. However, by and large, there are no substantial examples of long-term climate information influencing investments and policy design in Africa, and little to no demand for longer-term climate information in the face of short-term development needs. Lindsey Jones of Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Nicola Ranger of the Department of International Development (DFID) reflect on discussions at the synthesis workshop of the FCFA scoping phase, where participants grappled with the ethics supporting different agendas for the provision of climate information in Africa. Read more about one of the meaningful debates that took place at the  FCFA synthesis workshop here.