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July 2021 Newsletter




July 30, 2021


Welcome to the July 2021 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter showcasing the recent highlights and work of FCFA.


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News in Brief

New video: LaunchPAD – a climate model evaluation for Africa

LaunchPAD (Priority on African Diagnostics) is a research project that aims to improve the availability and use of climate information on 5 – 40-year timescales through climate model evaluation with an African lens, designed to improve the understanding of how models represent climate over African regions. LaunchPAD is a key part of the FCFA IMPALA legacy in improving, sustaining and progressing the African climate model work and maintaining and extending the collaboration and network between British and African research institutions.

The video provides an overview of LaunchPAD, emphasising the importance of this research in improving the understanding of climate models over Africa and in building the capacity of African climate scientists.

Watch the LaunchPAD film


New microsite on FCFA’s impact and relevance

new micro-site on FCFA’s impact and relevance aims to highlight and signpost the impact of FCFA through three key pillars. Pillar 1 focuses on how FCFA has delivered a step change in climate science through improved understanding of what drives Africa’s climate and how it will change. Pillar 2 outlines FCFA’s novel approaches to research and engagement with government decision-makers, communities and researchers. Pillar 3 highlights how this climate information was used to address real world problems and inform development plans.

Visit the micro-site to explore the impact of FCFA


FCFA podcast series: The African Climate Breakdown – stories about climate change  

Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) has released 5 episodes in a podcast series that shares the innovative research and on-the-ground climate change stories from FCFA researchers. This series aims to engage listeners with information about climate change and its impact on Africa but also to highlight some of the key progress being made towards a more resilient future for the continent.


Explore the impact of climate change on urban Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in Africa through new interactive site  

Climate change is expected to have severe consequences across Africa. Cities in Africa are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This interactive microsite provides an overview of the status of Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) systems in countries and cities where Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) has been working, and the climate risks these WASH systems are facing. It is intended to provide an insight into the relationship between future climate and effective WASH service delivery in African cities.

Visit the WASH micro-site to explore the impact of FCFA


NEW Policy brief: Translating Future Climate for Africa science for targeted policymakers needs  

This brief summarizes a piece of work that explored the potential value of FCFA and the closely related work on climate change, impacts and adaptation in tropical and sub-tropical sub-Saharan Africa. This work is from a policymaker or planner’s perspective and has a regional- or national-level focus. Insights developed are derived from an overview of advances made by FCFA climate science in simulating climate processes over tropical and sub-tropical Africa in relation to the state of knowledge as represented by the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC.

Download the brief