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Improving the use of Climate Change Information for Adaptation in Uganda – Hybrid Workshop on 2nd March 2022




March 7, 2022


Climate change is upon us but we’ve solutions that we can use to support adaptation and early warning.”  This statement was made by one of the 47 participants at the end of the hybrid face-to-face/online workshop hosted by the Water Resources Institute of Uganda. Attendees were water practitioners from the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) Uganda, University of Makerere and the Victoria Institute for Research on Environment and Development in Kenya. Researchers from Uganda, Kenya and the UK shared their practical experiences of using new simulations with new datasets to examine climate futures and potential impacts in Africa.

Presentations included talks from ICPAC and MWE. Climate change is a concern for Uganda, with the increased frequency and intensity of periods of both intense rainfall as well as prolonged drought in relatively quick succession already leading to water shortages, crop failure, changes in grazing potential, flooding and land degradation in parts of Uganda.

Following group work, quizzes, and the presentations, the participants in Uganda were very interested to use the new CP4-Africa data and models, and called for capacity building in data collection, use and modelling. It was acknowledged that an outstanding challenge is to link scientific knowledge with decision makers and there is need to strengthen the science-policy interface.

The workshop was part of HyCRISTAL project of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme

Workshop participants gathered before taking evening tea at the end of the day