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African Climate Risks Conference – Registrations Open!




August 5, 2019


The African Climate Risks Conference is an exciting opportunity for sharing the latest climate research on African climate among researchers, and with policy makers, practitioners and development partners. The goal is to ensure the improved flow of knowledge and interactions among stakeholders toward greater impact and legacy of completed and on-going African climate research and adaptation initiatives.

The conference will be convened under the auspices of the following organisations: WMO-GFCS, WMO-AMCOMET, WCRP, IPCC, UNECA-ACPC, CR4D, WASCAL, SSN and FCFA partner organisations. The conference has received endorsement from IPCC.

Date: 7-9 October 2019

Place: UN Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Theme: Dismantling barriers to urgent climate change adaptation actions.

View the conference summary programme here.


The conference aims to:

  • Disseminate results and share insights from new and on-going climate science and adaptation research in Africa;
  • Provide a forum to co-identify common priorities in African climate research for development through collective discussions;
  • Contribute to efforts to ensure greater impact and legacy of on-going research programmes by promoting the uptake of new data, tools and knowledge within planning and decision-making processes; and
  • Link researchers and the diversity of other actors that can ensure the uptake ofresearch into policy and practice, including decision-makers, national meteorological agencies, knowledge brokers, donors, and NGOs

Early Bird Registration is open until 30 August 2019. Standard registration until 30 September 2019. Please note, presenters and sponsored participants are required to register. A limited number of tickets are available so be sure to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! Register here now!

For more information on the African Climate Risks Conference and for important travel information please visit the website and follow the ACRC2019 twitter account @ACRC2019.

If you have any questions please email