FCFA Early Career Researcher gets platinum level IPCC experience

11 November 2019 // Climate information, Climate research, Climate science

City-level officials and politicians inadvertently find themselves at the coal-face of responding to changing climatic conditions, as temperatures around the world continue to climb in response to rising carbon pollution in the atmosphere. It is therefore critical to provide these government officials and technocrats with reliable climate information that is easily digestible and can be integrated into their planning and policy making. Dr Izidine Pinto, a Mozambican climate scientist currently working with the Climate Systems and Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa, has spent the past two years trying to do just that.

Malawi heatwaves threaten tea yields and livelihoods

06 November 2019 // Agriculture, Climate adaptation, Climate science, Livelihoods

The recent heatwave in Malawi has led to consecutive days with very high temperatures. This is exactly the scenario that tea growers fear. Over the last 18 months, FCFA's work with smallholder farmers and large-scale tea producers in the southern districts of Mulanje and Thyolo identified the risk of heat scorch to tea bushes as a major concern.

Co-production manual shows how Lusaka identified that water is its ‘burning’ climate issue

28 October 2019 // Cities, Climate information, Climate science

When climate researchers wanted to draw up accessible scientific information to support Lusaka’s city officials, so they can better plan their development responses to include future possible changes in the region’s climate, they decided on a novel approach.

Day 1 African Climate Risks Conference: Urgency of climate adaptation action for Africa stressed by high level speakers on first day of ACRC 2019

08 October 2019 // Climate adaptation, Climate information, Climate science, Knowledge creation and management

Day 1 of the African Climate Risks Conference began with over 350 researchers gathering from 52 different countries across the African continent and abroad (including the UK, Europe, and America) to discuss the latest research on African climate.

New paper shows evidence of crop production losses in West Africa due to historical global warming

17 September 2019 // Agriculture, Climate science, Livelihoods

Achieving food security goals in West Africa will depend on the capacity of the agricultural sector to feed the rapidly growing population and to moderate the adverse impacts of climate change. A number of studies anticipate a reduction of the crop yield of the main staple food crops in the region by 2050 due to global warming.

Why I believe climate change researchers should contribute to Wikipedia

14 August 2019 // Climate adaptation, Climate information, Climate science, Knowledge creation and management

When you search for “climate change adaptation” in Google, the Wikipedia page on the topic appears in the top 3 search results. Wikipedia ranks the importance of the page “high”, namely that it is about “well-known issues”. However, when your browser opens the page, the first thing the viewer sees is an alert box highlighting that the article has issues. In terms of quality and completeness, the page is rated “C”, meaning that “considerable editing is needed to close gaps in information”.

African Climate Risks Conference - Registrations Open!

05 August 2019 // Climate adaptation, Climate information, Climate science, Knowledge creation and management

The African Climate Risks Conference is an exciting opportunity for sharing the latest climate research on African climate among researchers, and with policy makers, practitioners and development partners. The goal is to ensure the improved flow of knowledge and interactions among stakeholders toward greater impact and legacy of completed and on-going African climate research and adaptation initiatives.

Insight for better communicating climate change exchanged between journalists and scientists at training workshop in Tanzania

18 July 2019 // Climate information, Climate science, Knowledge creation and management

Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) supported BBC Media Action, and the Network of Climate Journalists of the Greater Horn of Africa (NECJOGHA) in a training workshop from 1 - 5 July, in Tanga, Tanzania. It brought together journalists and climate scientists with the aim of creating a two-way knowledge exchange on better communicating climate change in the media.

Ocean temperature increase along Senegalese coast could reduce sardine fisheries

17 July 2019 // Climate information, Climate science, Livelihoods, Marine and Coastal

The Canary upwelling ocean current is a conveyor belt-like flow of ocean water that sweeps along the northwest coast of Africa. Winds blowing from the continent and out to sea drive the surface waters away from the coast, allowing cold, nutrient-rich waters to rush up from the ocean floor. These nutrients produce blooms of algae, which feed the microscopic animals in the water, the zooplankton, which are an important link in the food chain, which produces the rich fisheries here in the North Atlantic.

LaunchPAD: Climate Model Evaluation Hub for Africa enters its first phase

12 July 2019 // Climate information, Climate science

The Future Climate for Africa programme has made substantial progress in understanding the African climate and has developed methodologies to evaluate the regional climate processes and impact-relevant indices which matter locally. LaunchPAD has been established to build upon these novel findings and methods to extend the work to more regions and systems, and to embed tools into automated software that will fast-track the understanding of how well climate models simulate climate dynamics in African regions.