Climate change and water security in Africa: preparing for the impacts

13 June 2019 // Water

Professor Declan Conway summarises key issues and recent findings discussed at his 2019 Gerald Lacey Lecture and asks how African nations can best prepare for the effects and consequences of climate change.

'Hamster wheel' of short term planning hampers Malawi's climate response

18 April 2019 // Cities, Climate information, Extreme weather, Livelihoods, Marine and Coastal, Water

Collaboration as the key learning: how we did it in UMFULA

03 April 2019 // Climate information, Climate science, Knowledge creation and management

UMFULA involves over 50 people spread across 13 organisations based in five countries and two continents. In the history of collaborative research, there have been many research consortia of this size and geographical spread - but what makes UMFULA special is its interdisciplinary nature.

How drought or flooding knock small businesses in African cities

15 March 2019 // Cities, Extreme weather, Livelihoods

How does a small business like a restaurant or panel beater in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, buffer itself against the impact of the kind of extreme drought that hit Southern Africa in the summer of 2014, owing to the arrival of the El Nino weather phenomenon? It buys a diesel generator as a back-up, in case of power outages resulting when lower dam levels in Lake Kariba contribute to the country’s power utility throttling back on its hydro-electricity production. To make this kind of business investment, though, might mean getting a loan to finance the cost of the generator.

Newsletter - March 2019

05 March 2019 // Cities, Climate information, Climate science, Extreme weather, Knowledge creation and management, Livelihoods

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

Final meeting showcases UMFULA's compelling 4-year research

26 February 2019 // Climate adaptation, Climate information, Climate science

As the Future Climate For Africa Program enters the final year of its research, it serves as an opportune time to look back and reflect on what has been achieved. This was no different for the team of researchers who attended the final UMFULA meeting, after 4 years of compelling research. The meeting was held from the 19th - 21st November on the shores of Tanzania’s coastline.

Newsletter - December 2018

14 January 2019 //

Welcome to the December 2018 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

What if applied research projects required a carbon budget, alongside a financial one?

21 December 2018 // Climate adaptation, Knowledge creation and management

In our capitalist world, financial dimensions are often at least implicit in our decisions.  We are accustomed to designing our projects within an allocated budget, ensuring that we are able to maximise value for money by ensuring optimal effectiveness and efficiency of resources.

Writeshops - key tools for generating outputs in international research projects

13 December 2018 // Climate information, Knowledge creation and management

With large projects comprised of international teams, we are used to working at distance from our colleagues. Modern communication tools make this possible and effective, but sometimes there is no substitute for coming together in person. One of the circumstances where face-to-face interaction is essential is when colleagues based in different countries want  to produce a paper or other output collaboratively.

Lessons I took away from my first Adaptation Futures Conference

13 December 2018 // Cities, Climate adaptation, Knowledge creation and management, Water

In June 2018 around 1300 scientists, practitioners, community members and policy makers from all over the world gathered in Cape Town for a dialogue on adaptation solutions. I was among this group, participating in my first Adaptation Futures conference.