Finding unlikely connections: when soil meets sky in atmospheric science

10 May 2019 // Climate information, Climate science, Extreme weather, Water

Dr Conni Klein was stuck. She was working with a team of scientists to build a computer model that will help them understand how years of clearing-felling tropical forest in the Ivory Coast, and replacing them largely with mono-crop cocoa plantations might change how clouds form here during the monsoon period, and what this could mean for rainfall.

Newsletter - March 2019

05 March 2019 // Cities, Climate information, Climate science, Extreme weather, Knowledge creation and management, Livelihoods

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

Bull’s-eye set for West Africa’s ‘great green wall’ of trees

30 January 2019 // Agriculture, Climate information, Climate science, Extreme weather

The Sahara has slowly been edging its toe southwards for decades, as heavy grazing, farmers cutting trees for firewood, and drought are turning the edge of the semi-arid Sahel region of Africa into a desert. The ‘great green wall’ is an ambitious tree-planting programme that aims to rope in the cooperation of 20 different countries, from Senegal in the west, to Sudan and Eritrea in the east, to throw a wall of green in its path, and arrest the desert’s spread.

Newsletter - December 2018

14 January 2019 //

Welcome to the December 2018 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter

WASCAL and AMMA-2050 set roadmap to activate science-policy links in West Africa

20 December 2018 // Climate information, Climate science

In November, members of WASCAL and AMMA-2050 met with decision makers to develop a roadmap to strengthen linkages between researchers and policymakers in West Africa. Discussions focused on different knowledge-exchange approaches to bridge the science-policy divide, as well as strengthening resilience to climate-related risks within the disaster risk reduction and agricultural sectors across West Africa.

Watch the webinar: Communicating climate information and uncertainties better: Cognitive psychology insights and practical experiences

14 November 2018 // Climate information, Knowledge creation and management

Researchers, national meteorological agencies and civil society face many challenges when trying to communicate climate information and uncertainty to decision-makers. These challenges include i) making data visualisations and probabilistic information more accessible, ii) building trust with stakeholders, and iii) working with decision-makers, under significant time and resource constraints, to co-produce relevant information.

Newsletter - March 2018

23 March 2018 //

Welcome to the March 2018 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter.

AMMA-2050 making strides in climate science and engaging stakeholders with climate information

05 March 2018 // Agriculture, Cities, Climate information, Climate science, Livelihoods

This blog describes the progress AMMA 2050 has made towards achieving its project goals and describes some innovative approaches being used to engage stakeholders.

Watch the Webinar: Linking global warming with recent trends in intense storms in West Africa

24 January 2018 // Agriculture, Climate information, Climate science, Livelihoods, Water

This webinar by Prof. Taylor provided an introduction to the work of the AMMA-2050 consortium, insight into the rapid increase in intense Sahelian storms observed in recent decades, and how continued climate change will influence flood risk in the region.

Newsletter - July 2017

24 July 2017 //

Welcome to the July 2017 edition of the Future Climate for Africa newsletter