NEW VIDEO: Future Climate for Africa's Early Career Researchers discuss their capacity development

11 November 2019 // Climate research, Knowledge creation and management, Livelihoods

In this video, FCFA interviewed a number of Early Career Researchers that have been part of the programme to get an understanding of their experience and how FCFA has helped in building their skills.

FCFA Early Career Researcher gets platinum level IPCC experience

11 November 2019 // Climate information, Climate research, Climate science

City-level officials and politicians inadvertently find themselves at the coal-face of responding to changing climatic conditions, as temperatures around the world continue to climb in response to rising carbon pollution in the atmosphere. It is therefore critical to provide these government officials and technocrats with reliable climate information that is easily digestible and can be integrated into their planning and policy making. Dr Izidine Pinto, a Mozambican climate scientist currently working with the Climate Systems and Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa, has spent the past two years trying to do just that.

Malawi heatwaves threaten tea yields and livelihoods

06 November 2019 // Agriculture, Climate adaptation, Climate science, Livelihoods

The recent heatwave in Malawi has led to consecutive days with very high temperatures. This is exactly the scenario that tea growers fear. Over the last 18 months, FCFA's work with smallholder farmers and large-scale tea producers in the southern districts of Mulanje and Thyolo identified the risk of heat scorch to tea bushes as a major concern.

We are not short of climate knowledge, let’s act on it!

04 November 2019 // Climate information, Knowledge creation and management, Politics and Governance

FCFA sponsored a number of journalists to attend the African Climate Risks Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October. Below, journalist Sophie Mbugua reflects on her experience.

Solar-powered community radio aids farmers in South Sudan

04 November 2019 // Agriculture, Climate information, Livelihoods

South Sudan’s farmers are returning to their farms and seeking better livelihoods. A green-powered community radio initiative is broadcasting weather and climate information that guides farmers on when to plant seeds, and so yield the healthiest crops in a changing climate. Isaiah Esipisu reports.

Co-production manual shows how Lusaka identified that water is its ‘burning’ climate issue

28 October 2019 // Cities, Climate information, Climate science

When climate researchers wanted to draw up accessible scientific information to support Lusaka’s city officials, so they can better plan their development responses to include future possible changes in the region’s climate, they decided on a novel approach.

New manual supports shared climate knowledge production and information exchange in Africa

25 October 2019 // Climate information, Climate research, Knowledge creation and management

Agriculture is the bedrock of the economy in a country like Malawi in southern Africa. It is one of the most important sectors driving the country’s gross domestic product. At a household level, home grown food is also central to many families’ ability to ward off hunger and malnutrition. A healthy agricultural sector needs ample water.

Africa is staring at a disaster heist, experts warn at African Climate Risks Conference

21 October 2019 // Extreme weather, Knowledge creation and management

Disasters in Africa are set to worsen, the World Meteorological Organization has warned. But such a doomsday outlook can be avoided if developed countries united in reducing carbon emissions and stopping the 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature climb.

Day 3 African Climate Risks Conference: Final day sees emphasis on the emerging opportunities and challenges for dismantling barriers to climate adaptation action in Africa

15 October 2019 // Climate adaptation, Climate information, Climate research, Knowledge creation and management

The last day of ACRC 2019 kicked off with an important keynote address and panel discussion on the state of climate information services in Africa. Filipe Lúcio, (Director, Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)) in his keynote address highlighted the urgency of climate action for Africa, importance to build and improve monitoring and evaluation and to build the capacity of climate services in Africa.

Watch the recording: City Learning Labs for dialogue and decision making

14 October 2019 // Cities, Knowledge creation and management

This webinar provides an overview of the City Learning Lab approach as a collaborative method for framing climate-related problems and solutions. The concept of City Learning Labs is based on the principles of social learning labs: processes that engage a variety of stakeholders in finding solutions for a specific question or problem that they all perceive as relevant and urgent.